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We are SwishSwoosh!

If you got lost in the pile of thousands of audio files all over the net and do not even know where to start to search for, you are in the right place. Among lots of sound effects and music, you will definitely find the ones you need. SwishSwoosh creates genre specific sound packs and audio tools for game developers and audio professionals.

Popular Packs

Our Popular Packs 

About Madrooster

About MadRooster

MadRooster Game Audio Lab is the team behind the creation of SwishSwoosh. MadRooster specialize in providing bespoke sound effects and music for video games and provide valuable sonic guidance, working closely with developers from the initial concept stage all the way to implementation. With the team of experienced audio engineers, composers, sound designers, and programmers, MadRooster have the expertise to deliver exceptional results.

Building games with immersive sound and music is a challenging task, and that's where MadRooster Game Audio Lab excels. Trust them to elevate your game to the next level by providing exceptional audio experiences that enhance gameplay and captivate players' senses.

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Contact Us

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